About Me

I'm a developer, a finance enthusiast, life learner, sports fan, and optimistic DO'er. I'm very casual and I pride myself on an easy-going and honest personality. I work hard to keep a strong work-ethic, open mind, and aspire to make my own Jobsian "dent in the world." I don't believe in intelligence, I believe in grit and creativity. And most importantly, I believe the way to truly understand something is to write it on the web in front of 2 billion possible critics.

With that I should mention. I'm not sure that I always believe what I say, but I write it here nonetheless. Helps me think. Even more so, I appreciate a good argument, so please leave a comment if I get too out of hand. Or even a little, but please be civilized. I know my views on the obsolete nature of the box-spring are not always welcomed.

I currently work for Tradesy in Santa Monica, CA. I have interest in web development, games, and visualization. But more than that, solving hard problems

I am open to new opportunities and would appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Please reach out to me with any questions/comments/concerns.