Feb 2015

Coolest Thing on the Internet Today

In an effort to try and get back to blogging... I will now be releasing my CTotIT article semi-regularly.* ** This weeks winner was picked by our very own Paul Geery. He's been outspoken about his need to be playing brick breaker even when he is currently using other apps, and it seems that some people are finally listening.
Everybody hates loading, and it seems like its the constant trendy battle to have the best loading features. Snapchat has the colorful little ghost who I've come to hate (although I absolutely love the soccer gif they got running at the bottom of the post list... World Cup's over.. so what. Stay strong Snapchat). Well the clear winner of this new trendy frontier is this guy, without further ado. * Name rolls of the tongue doesn't it ** I will, in fact, release it whenever I feel like it