Apr 2016

Cmon Ducks

I have so many feelings and way too many Kings friends, so im writing again to share my thoughts. The Ducks have really been beaten down so far by the Predators, and the two games really havent even been that close. Here's how the ducks get it together. Forget the skill game

The ducks have been far too cute on their zone entries, and then Predators have stood them up with relative ease. It's gotta be back to basics. Dump the puck in and go hit somebody. But even more importantly, when we dump it in, our forecheck has been dismal at best. We just have not been able to lock them up in a corner, its almost always been one lateral pass from their defenseman and its heading back up the ice. This is where the ducks are at their best, causing turnovers in the opponent's defensive zone and that has been nonexistent in this series.

If I'm Boudreau, I'm giving Perry/Getzlaf/McGinn another shot together to bring that heavy game that we need. The first period is nothing but dumps in to the corner, and heavy hits on the first defenseman that touches the puck.

Where's the D?

This leads me perfectly into my second point. The Ducks Defensemen have had zero offensive impact in this series. They have rarely pinched in for sustained offensive pressure (which is likely due to a lack of sustained forecheck, cycling, or any offensive pressure), but we are so heavily dependent on their offensive input. The thing that seemed most frustrating to watch in Game 2 was how many times there was an errant pass back to the blueline and it ended up all the way down the ice. We simply could not get any sort of continuity together in the offensive zone, and it really showed when we needed it most in the 3rd period. 5 ****** shots!!

If I'm Boudreau, I have to leave Theodore out of game 3. His speed is just not making any difference on offensive zone entries, and its time to get Stoner back in there for a physical presence. I can't stress enough how much the ducks need to bring a heavy game in Game 3

Get Mad (The way Paul would)

I'll never forget soccer games growing up when my dad could be audibly heard yelling "Get mad". Granted, it was a precarious yell from someone wearing a trenchcoat and water splashed ugg boots, but i think I can finally appreciate the sentiment. The Predators are playing a gritty, gritty game. The Ducks fans and players really need to stop complaining, grit their teeth, and start playing with some serious anger. Forget the refs, and don't expect that complaining is going to get you anywhere. i'm saying when a guy does this to your goalie, You Abdelkader him to the ground, you dont cross check someone on the next play and then whine to the ref about what he did to your goalie. And you certainly dont take back to back penalties, Corey