Jul 2017

GeeryDev is Back

GEERYDEV is back! And with that I would like to stress that GeeryDev is back with a strong commitment to writing. You will have plenty to read this summer and I apologize for leaving you in the dark for so long. I have been up to a lot, and I got a lot coming for you. Most recently, I have been hard at work getting GeeryDev ready for the massive influx of writing and projects to come your way. GeeryDev has been rewritten in React, more on that to come soon, but below is a summary of the features and fixes in the latest version, as well as some hints of whats to come.

Features and Fixes


Yeah, what!? Did you get an email for this post? Of course you did, because this site has no organic visitors. For those of you who have tried to subscribe in the past and received an error. Well, I’m sorry, and thats in the past now. Get all of your friends to GeeryDev and get everyone subscribed, cause we have a lot to talk about.

Request a Response

Some would call this the only feature. But i would say maybe just a major feature of the blog. Anyways, I know for a long while, the request a blog feature on the home panel was broken. This is pretty terrible, and i know that I maybe didn’t get around to fixing it for a couple years now. But, now it is fixed and lets get those requests coming in. Although, I do have a lot of posts coming your way, so there is a bit of a backlog.


Hey. Did you notice that nice green lock and Secure message in your url bar? Thats new to GeeryDev as well. We’ve upgraded to HTTPS, which means that you can trust this is the real GeeryDev and make all your NSFW blog requests without worrying about somebody spying on the request. But really, getting a certificate with LetsEncrypt was phenomenally easy, and the whole process was incredibly painless.

UI Fixes

I know my readers would not be likely to mention it, but I think that I should. Geerydev was a mess before. There were all types of usability issues. Heard some smirking that the dates and mobile views were not helpful. Well, I tried to clean a lot of that up, and add some nice new animations. I hope that you enjoy the new site and frequent a lot more.

Coming Soon

Email preferences

Very soon. I hope to let all of you subscribers control your own email preferences. I would like to give you some granularity to whether you need an email for all comments, blog posts, and especially projects. I do hear that many of you would only like to be kept up to date with my latest projects. Well, all of those preferences should be available shortly. Stay tuned. And in the meantime, if you would like to unsubscribe, send me an email, and I’ll get right on it.

Guest Posting

The most requested GeeryDev feature to date. One of my friends over at Throwing It Back Weekly has been patiently waiting for this one. This blog really has always been about the community, so I would like to keep it that way. I know a lot of you have your own startling opinions that need a home, and I think GeeryDev can be that home. For all of us.


Yeah, I’m gonna throw some ads up and hope to make a buck off of you chumps. As always, thanks for reading